Adjacent rooms in the 
glass aviary.
I put my ear to the wall, 
I took to your call.
Couldn't see your face 
and I loved your taste.
Like a blueberry, 
bright and bitter.

Descending into the
depths of the dungeon.
Endless eternity
embraces everything.

We were both their prisoners 
(Manacled, tarred, and feathered!)
Before we bled red blood of victors. 
(Carved out our inhibitors!)
Can we be our own co-conspiracy? 
(Consider this my signature!)
We can push the perimeter. 
(Conquer the contributors!)

This story is a library 
where I want to live.
I'll break down the walls 
just to await your call.
My name is the Prisoner,
Freedom is my song!
Point out foes before me,
I will make them crawl.

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