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‘A KNIFE FIGHT, A LIGHTNING STRIKE, AND A DIRTBIKE.’ “One, two, three. One, two, three…” The gentle percussion of falling raindrops accompanies my mantra. “One…”   One radiant red ember bobs up and down in the gloom above the gas pumps. I can discern… Continue Reading “‘CREATING THE HARBINGER’”


Submitted for #vss365 prompt word: plume. Her imagination: a magical loom weaving herself an iridescent costume with wings to fly far from her cage, her old room. Now her voice is like a bewitching perfume. She sits amongst the stars, a flower in… Continue Reading “‘PLUME’”


Submitted for #vss365 prompt word: #sleepwalk. Movement with no thought. Awake but I can sleepwalk. Forget needs and wants. Written by Jungle, (C) 2021, all rights reserved.


Submitted for #vss365 prompt word: #foreshadow. She haunts the hallways in my head. An alluring apparition, so well read, Called her a ghost but she’s not dead. We only speak when I’m in bed, sound asleep, waiting on words she never said. Pretty poltergeist… Continue Reading “‘PRETTY POLTERGEIST’”


Submitted for the #mmpoetrybattle prompt word: curls. When we were kids, You called me on the telephone, and when you did, for a minute I felt less alone. Now that we’re grown, what fills my ear? All that I can hear — just a… Continue Reading “‘TELEPHONE’”


Submitted for #vss365 prompt word: treacherous. Lost my frame of reference, could pain be my preference? This path is so #treacherous, testing my endurance, but fire leads to temperance. Written by Jungle, (C) 2021, all rights reserved.


Submission for #vss365 #accident. This wasn’t an #accident. This feeling, so adamant. I am intransigent, a hopeful romanticist, the lonely protagonist, and you are the catalyst. Written by Jungle, (C) 2021, all rights reserved.


Submitted for #vss365 prompt word: taboo. Lips locked up like they’re glued. Color me blue, I’ll paint you too. Three words to say, “I miss you.” “I’m sorry,” I can say with two. I promise, someday I’ll follow through. Drive alone, eyes up on… Continue Reading “‘INTIMATE’”


I know this place. Four white walls, a white ceiling, and a matching floor, all smooth and spotless. A bare cot in the corner of the room illuminated by one lonely lightbulb. How long has it been since I left this shithole? “Wake up,… Continue Reading “‘A VISITOR’”


Mapping my way with feelings, Stumbling, head is reeling. Shadow of doubt still creeping, Blood leaking through clenched teeth. Misinterpreting meanings, This trail is so misleading. Glass in my feet, keeps bleeding, Marking my way through this dream. When will I find my way… Continue Reading “‘HUNTED’”