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Measured boot falls beat out a meter as the dusk settles in. This meter serves as a harbinger, announcing the arrival of a man clothed entirely in black; a flowing ebony poncho lined with bear fur, long black boots, and form-fitting charcoal slacks.  Three… Continue Reading “‘CREATING THE PHILOSOPHER’”


White walls are no company to keep.  “How do you feel right now?” A hollow, mechanical voice resonates within the vacuum of the four white walls. The teenage boy sitting on the matching cot does not respond. He hugs his knees close to his… Continue Reading “‘CREATING THE PRISONER’”


She feels its serpentine glare before she hears its hiss.  “Tsssssssssssssssk!” Warns the serpent as its wraps around itself, scales slithering in the sand. It stretches its maw wide, revealing two glinting fangs. The girl freezes, not that she could see the danger before… Continue Reading “‘CREATING THE CHESSMASTER’”


There is no sound to carry through the bitter frost here. A smothering blanket of snow wrapped these pines in solitude long ago and the pines never escaped that frozen embrace. Even now, as the shadows begin their moonlit march, their trudging footsteps are… Continue Reading “‘CREATING THE HUNTRESS’”