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If you would let me hold your hand, I promise not to let you fall. I’ll do my best to understand, I’ll be the pillow where you land. If you let me into your heart, I will always answer your call. If I see… Continue Reading “‘DAYBREAK’”


[Chorus] It’s all in the games that we choose to play and the words and phrases that we say. It’s the way you chase the night into day with all of your magic spells and swordplay. [Verse] The tempo is gentle with cymbals that… Continue Reading “‘THE DREAMER OF THE DEEPS’”


[Chorus] You are the Huntress, they are the hunted. Shunned and mistrusted, you stand triumphant. They are the hunted, you are the Huntress. They are corrupted; bring them to justice. [Verse] Ivy City, home of the beasts. Dawn draws near now, Moon takes its… Continue Reading “‘THE HUNTRESS OF IVY CITY’”


And when the sunrise sneaks into my room What am I to do? When I wake my first thought is you. Go and grab my pen, Time for me to write something new. And when I see you float across the screen I know… Continue Reading “‘STILL DREAMING’”


will my eyes betray me if I look too closely? battered by missing wings will you go blow away, like wavering smoke rings broken in the bold breeze? what will the sun reveal? shadow cast upon steel stitched to both my heels: the thoughts… Continue Reading “‘SHADOWS’”


one thing that i know; for your cheek, my chest is so the perfect pillow. 😉 ‘PILLOW’ Written by Jungle (N.F.N.) (C) 2021, all rights reserved. PS: Thanks to CHON for writing this song and prompting me to ask, “What is the perfect pillow?”


the tempo is gentle, a slow instrumental; percussion to tremble cymbals that resemble rainbow solar halos, clouds from space volcanoes. invisible emeralds flickering fervently; fuel and fire combined with rainy day splendor. a superb pretender, she never surrenders. knife-like truth tears my mail, spills… Continue Reading “‘THE DREAMER’”


Never met someone who could do gymnastics, espionage, and ninjitsu until one day, out of the blue, I meet you. She’s a self-made shinobae. Slow down for you? No way! I say, “Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!” “Show me that combo someday!” Quick with the… Continue Reading “‘SHINOBAE’”


take a nap with me. let the sound of our breathing carry you to sleep. ‘NAP’ Written by Jungle (N.F.N.) (C) 2021, all rights reserved.


Time ticks on, life lives on, allaying another year away from when you told me your troubles. The distance kept you from my arms for nearly twenty years too long. Here is a castle to keep you from harm, home to the knight that… Continue Reading “‘CASTLE’”