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Time ticks on, life lives on, as they allay another year away from that day you shared your struggle, that day you told me your troubles. It’s now been twenty years too long. The distance kept you from my arms, a castle to keep… Continue Reading “CASTLE”


I’ve got too much love to give. I won’t lay it all on you again. I know it’d smother you And a flower’s got to bloom. Sometimes it gets heavy, carrying it around inside. Sometimes it gets heavy, Then it’s time to hide. Even… Continue Reading “SHADOW TAG”


Ratchet me down to the bed frame. Panic attack set my heart aflame. Sit down, stand up, take a shower. Just hold out for one more hour. Tensioning, tensioning, stretching, and lengthening. Tensioning, tensioning, doubting and questioning. It wasn’t intentional. I’m just not conventional.… Continue Reading “TENSIONING”


It hurts to know that you don’t want to know me anymore. So I write and I write, but my rhymes are always ignored. Your eyes are the prison that my mind’s confined inside. The key was lost on the day my pride led… Continue Reading “PRISON LETTERS”


The foothills have all been washed white. The trees, all stripped bare to their limbs. The dead coveted my every breath. I followed a trail of campsites, carried by a steady rhythm, yet I sank with every step. The sun set, the summit in… Continue Reading “HEART OF THE ICE DRAGON, PT. I”


Oh, sweet Lunaria, are you lonely up there in your home of white gold? Are you well? Are you warm, wrapped in your gown, shining with sapphire effulgence? What do you hide beneath the constellation of your surreptitious smile? What do you conceal with… Continue Reading “LUNARIA”


An ocean of experience: mysterious, interwoven threads cannot be corroded. Emotion provides motion. Frozen once, an island melts: First a ripple, then a swell, a drop of water in the well.


Her imagination: a magical loom weaving herself an iridescent costume with wings to fly far from her cage, her old room. Now her voice is like a bewitching perfume. She sits amongst the stars, a flower in bloom, and she left behind a gift;… Continue Reading “PLUME”


Movement with no thought. Awake but I can sleepwalk. Forget needs and wants.


She haunts the hallways in my head. An alluring apparition, so well read, Called her a ghost but she’s not dead. We only speak when I’m in bed, sound asleep, waiting on words she never said. Pretty poltergeist on the tip of my pen,… Continue Reading “PRETTY POLTERGEIST”