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When we were kids, You called me on the telephone, and when you did, for a minute I felt less alone. Now that we’re grown, what fills my ear? All that I can hear — just a dial tone. Turning the page, it curls… Continue Reading “TELEPHONE”


Lips locked up like they’re glued. Color me blue, I’ll paint you too. Three words to say, “I miss you.” “I’m sorry,” I can say with two. I promise, someday I’ll follow through. Drive alone, eyes up on the rear view. Worlds apart but… Continue Reading “INTIMATE”


Mapping my way with feelings, Stumbling, head is reeling. Shadow of doubt still creeping, Blood leaking through clenched teeth. Misinterpreting meanings, This trail is so misleading. Glass in my feet, keeps bleeding, Marking my way through this dream. When will I find my way… Continue Reading “HUNTED”


Queen of the arcade machines. Eyes that shine like aquamarines. Her high score is just obscene. A smile that outshines the screen. Hey, hey hey! Won’t you show me that combo someday? Shinobae! Will she slow down for you? No way! Hey, hey hey!… Continue Reading “SHINOBAE”


If you would let me hold your hand, I promise not to let you fall. I’ll do my best to understand, I’ll be the pillow where you land. If you let me into your heart, I will always answer your call. If I see… Continue Reading “DAYBREAK”


Will my eyes betray me if I look too closely? Battered by missing wings, will you just fade away, like wavering smoke rings broken in the bold breeze? What will the sun reveal? Shadow cast upon steel stitched to both my heels: the thoughts… Continue Reading “SHADOWS”


One thing that I know: for your cheek, my chest is so the perfect pillow.


Take a nap with me. Let the sound of our breathing carry you to sleep.


They scour our kingdom, the searing scent of spent gunpowder, erecting their stone towers, and hiding inside them like cowards. These are your final hours. Imagine the forgotten spring’s flower and endless afternoon rain showers. May your flesh grant power, May our enemies be… Continue Reading “WOLF MOTHER’S MANTRA”


She’s always so articulate, her voice: my favorite instrument, never a hint of dissonance no matter the predicament. Her iris exhausts the infinite and her mind mirrors her magnificence. Her smile is brilliant and not so innocent. Her touch: unrivaled among stimulants, unable to… Continue Reading “RANDOM ENCOUNTER”