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They can all sit and rot, trying to tell me that I am what I am not. Shut me out; I see all of these bridges they built burning down to the ground in my thoughts. Shut your mouth; my cup of coffee accompanied… Continue Reading “ISLES OF GLASS”


I don’t know how to prove to you that there is so much you can do. Words are just words, even inherent truths. I’m still a nobody standing next to you. Guess I’ve gotta grow then, found my old roots. I’ll level up, my… Continue Reading “LIFE IS AN RPG”


Fashioning my last fang into a skeleton key to split this frozen sea; your depths of endless degrees. Distant dreamer, melting in a fever. I can still see her in my golden mirror. Study your subtle idiosyncrasies, Pocket your secrets like a thief, and… Continue Reading “CIRCLE OF STATUES”


Andante, andante, Bringer of the day… I followed your footsteps Wayward of the icy wastes, through the frozen forests, to meet at the mirror lake. I said, “Your sound is sweet release. A smile on your face is all I need to see. You… Continue Reading “ANDANTE”


Adjacent rooms in the glass aviary. I put my ear to the wall, I took to your call. Couldn’t see your face and I loved your taste. Like a blueberry, bright and bitter. Descending into the depths of the dungeon. Endless eternity embraces everything.… Continue Reading “PRISONER”


I ran out of stones for my poems and so you rolled a saving throw. Deliver the blow, overlord overthrown, thrashing the throne, disassemble the drones. Illuminate the unknown, obfuscate what I know. Why fly all alone? Captain to co-pilot, do we know the… Continue Reading “CHESS MASTER”


Curtain call! Axe to fall! The burden of all! Make me feel small! Just what is the point of this? I can’t seem to unball my fists! The light bulb is an exorcist, My mind is ruled by a perfectionist! An exhibition abscission addition… Continue Reading “HARBINGER”


The laws of nature dictate this causality. You stand atop of the peak so casually. The crown that you wear just seems so much to bear, You cannot ever falter – you’re as light as air. You are the hunter, They are the hunted.… Continue Reading “HUNTRESS”